Here’s how we can build a new system of policies and safety nets to bring back opportunity to the American work force. (It has nothing to do with walls, trade deals, or immigration.)

A quick and complete summary of 9 jargon terms; Agile squads, complex adaptive systems, future of work, holacracy, mission-based teams, self-organization, teal organizations, team of teams and wholeness. Definitions and real meaning provided with examples. *****

Future of Work Myths

Posted on March 22, 2018
Category: FoW News

TED talk by Daniel Sussking about 3 myths about the future of work and why they are not true

Future of Work series in Seattle

Posted on March 22, 2018
Category: Local Events

The following key points are highlighted in the upcoming series about the Future of Work at Working Washington:

  • Automation: new opportunities or humans need not apply?
  • Gig Economy: app jobs with no benefits; how do we tame this Wild West job market?
  • STEM Equity and Access: have we replaced the glass ceiling with an invisible force-field one?
  • Jobs That Tech Built: janitors, security guards, cafeteria workers; old-fashioned poverty at hi-tech corporations.
  • Digital Activism: will memes drive the next revolution, or is there more to digital organizing than slacktivism?
  • Housing Affordability: is the tech boom creating worse inequality? What impact does that have on housing affordability and who’s really to blame? And what do we actually even do about it?

Future of Work resource library

Posted on February 3, 2018
Category: Education

How will you react to a culture, a consumer, and a market when rapid change is the only constant?
How will you engage and empower your employees?
How will you approach an explosion of new tools and technologies focused on work itself?

These questions and others are discussed in Nobl’s 2016 Future of Work Report

Resource library:

A great intro to the transnational consequences of the Future of Work:

A quick glance at the local jobs vulnerable to changes in the future related to automation and computerization.