2020 Virtual Conference

May 2nd, 2020

The Future is Us

This year we’ve chosen the theme “The Future is Us” to embrace everyone’s empowerment to participate in the creation of a future that works for us. We’re actively seeking and welcoming new voices from across communities in Portland and globally. Our intention is to create a half-day f full of exploring and embracing the potential of our ideas in creating a future of work that is human-centered. We’re already inspired by our FoW Meetup discussions this year on climate change, liberating structures, reinventing work, and improving labor laws.

Moving to a virtual event is an experiment and way to innovate even in challenging times. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the conference and all of the ideas, excitement, and momentum we hope to generate together.

Get Ready!

Check out what to expect at the conference this year and learn about Open Space in our virtual environment with our fabulous host Line Mørkbak.


LOCATION: This event will be held on the online, virtual platform QiqoChat. Registered attendees will receive invites via your registration email)

SCHEDULE: 9am-1pm Pacific Time (PDT) on May 2nd

  • 8:30am – Orientation and networking
  • 9:00am – Conference Starts! Opening Circle and Marketplace held
  • 9:50am-11am – Morning Sessions
  • 11am-11:20am – Lunch/Snack break
  • 11:20am-12:30pm – Afternoon Sessions
  • 12:30pm-1pm – Closing Circle


Please reach out to fowpdx@gmail.com with any questions you have or any help needed before or during the event.


In this open space conference (or unconference), all are welcome to contribute their thoughts and voice to shape the conversation as we re-imagine work places where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. We look forward to welcoming you into this safe, virtual space!  Break-out sessions on topics of your choice will follow the opening where we can focus on learning from each other and creating a community of like-minded humans who—together—can move toward transforming the world of work.

We’d like to thank the Lean, Agile, and Responsive movements for inspiring FoW PDX and the continued innovation by our growing community of attendees.