2018 Fall Sessions and Photos

What a great turn out!  Thank you to all of our attendees for making this a safe space to explore world-impacting topics!  Check out photos of the 2018 Fall Event below along with session topics and notes.


Photos of the event can be found here.


You can find all of the session notes here.

M9:00 am10:00 am11:00 am
Who Should Do What and Why? (Kristen)
The Physics of Life, Flow, Thermodynamics of Emotion, and the AF Model (Diana Larsen)Authentic relating and vulnerabilty (activities and discussion) - Michael Caloz
St. John'sThe Future of Strategy - Agility and Flexibility in Vision and Execution
SellwoodAre you Mobbing? (Nora)How Do We Walk Our Talk Around Change?Alternative & Economic Business Models to Support "Higher Workplaces" that Meet Our Deeper Needs (Dimitra)
FremontSomatics (Movement Awareness) at Work (Matthew)Agile Story Mapping for Culture Change (Tara Horn)Support We Will Need From HR/OD to Support Changes in Our Work (Helen S.)
TilikumStory Sharing of the "Future of Work" using Group Work Cards (Tree)Low Risk, Potentially High Reward Vulnerability Exercise (Dave Hall)Workflow Optimization (Ian Frantz)
HawthorneAccess/Digital/Power - Asynchronous Decision Making (John B.)Overcoming Obstacles to Mainstream/Improvement in Family Owned Business (Lloyd and Matt Horvat)